Time to market


Missed launch dates


For planners, sales and marketing


Product Introduction Supervision in Real Time.

Live Product Launch Status

Access from anywhere in seconds the status of all your product initiatives, understanding who is doing what.

Know whether forecast from sales is available, artworks is done or masterdata are on track...

Complement your ERP

Connect your ERP or CRM systems and convert your initiatives into pratical step by step workflows with clear deadlines and ownership.

Make it accessible to Sales, Marketing and Finance without depending on planners to manually dig things out from obscure ERP interfaces.

Relevant Info & Stakeholders

Stakeholders receive automated alerts given their roles and responsibilities with appropriate information about product launches.

Automated SLA Selection

Get Metronome to pick the right product launch timeline and internal steps, given the product category, the type of change (new product, product change for internal or regulatory reasons, etc.)

Launch Date ETA

Ensure customer satisfaction by knowing in advance the likely latest launch date for your new markets, helping sales and marketing team make informed actions to drive sales.

Add More Processes

Metronome deals with order to cash processes and many other processes: Order Tracking, Customer Returns, Stock Monitoring with ABC segmentation, Lean Routines, ...


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Green = Advanced Workflows for Supply Chain & Operations professionals.

Blue = Green + Algorithms, Solver & AI.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We integrate with ERP, APS, MDM and WMS systems. Metronome works best once fed with your live data and masterdata. We can do this for you.

Metronome implementation is fast and easy, the whole implementation process usually takes a few weeks.

Planners, managers and operators can leverage our web app or continue contributing through your existing ERP, APS and WMS or even Microsoft Teams.

Metronome comes with a platform helping you to change your processes, rules, RACI matrix and much more in 30 seconds.

Yes, we can help you from defining your product launch processes to configuring Metronome as well as training your colleagues.

Metronome is a B2B SaaS, our pricing starts at 1,000Eur per month and is usage based.